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Colostrum MAX main picture Colostrum MAX™ is perhaps the most powerful colostrum product in the world.

5 times the strength of regular colostrum brands and a very high peptide content

Colostrum MaxTM is specifically researched and designed to fill a gap in the market as most colostrums are sold as a "food" only and are not listed with the appropriate authorities.

Therefore, non listed colostrums cannot make any medical or therapeutic claims.more >>>

The new pure Colostrum MAXTM is listed, of the highest quality, contains the highest peptide content and represents excellent value for money.

This powerful supplement is now available to anybody who wants to improve their health and maintain it.

The new Colostrum MAXTM is not mixed with milk powders or other fillers in the manufacturing processes, which would have diluted its efficacy and performance.

Colostrum MAXTM embodies the following:

Colostrum MAX green button The best value for your dollar and is economically priced
Colostrum MAX green button Manufactured from “1st milking colostrum” which is collected within 16 hours after birth.
Colostrum MAX green button Has the highest peptide content to ensure performance and efficacy
Colostrum MAX green button Consists of 100% pure colostrum of the highest quality with no added fillers and milk powders
Colostrum MAX green button Modulating and stimulating effect on the immune system and stem cell activity
Colostrum MAX green button Processed using the latest techniques under the strictest quality assurance programs.
Colostrum MAX green button Sourced from only selected grass fed dairy cows - rBST FREE (artifical growth hormone)
Colostrum MAX green button Supported by scientific research on humans.
Colostrum MAX green button Received an AUST L registration number (190135) with the TGA enabling certain claims and therapeutic benefits to be printed on labels and publicly stated.
Colostrum MAX green button Has a 20% IgG content in each serving to improve gut function including the ability to fight viruses and bacteria.
Colostrum MAX green button Recommended dosage of either only 5gms or 10gms per day dependant on conditions being treated.

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What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is an all-natural substance that is becoming a popular health supplement for those of all ages.

As is the growing trend in health care, supplements such as colostrum are the frontline in treating and preventing illness.

Colostrum has a modulating effect on the immune system including the stimulating of your cell population.

Due to the years of fighting off diseases, your immune system can become compromised and less able to protect you from unwanted invaders. By taking a daily dose of a particular type of colostrum you’re are helping to reset and arm your immune system, much like the defragging of your computer.

It is therefore critically important that the colostrum you drink must be 1st milking, high peptide, pure colostrum. Remember, it is the high peptide content that helps support your immune function.

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Colostrum is often referred to as “first milk”. It is the first milk produced by all mammals (including humans) before the breast milk becomes available and is usually only present for up to 2 weeks after birth. Colostrum is incredibly dense with nutrition. It is high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies while also being low in fat. Colostrum doesn’t look like normal breast milk, as it is generally thick and yellowy or even orange in color.

Colostrum is not species specific and is the same in every mammal. Therefore it can provide benefits to any mammal including humans. Humans cannot produce enough colostrum for commercial production so cows’ (bovine) colostrum is used. As cows produce on average 35 litres of colostrum per calf there is ample to nourish the calf as well as leaving sufficient for commercial collection. It is very important that the colostrum is collected within a small time frame of 16 hours after birth.

First milking, 16 hour pure colostrum, produces the highest peptide content and it is the high peptide content that helps to modulate the immune function so important in fighting disease and staying healthy.
This naturally produced food can now be purchased as a health supplement.


Colostrum MAX 125 capsules

Colostrum MAX 125 capsules

COLOSTRUM MAX CAPSULES 125 capsules   The same high quality, high peptide content, 16..


Colostrum MAX Powder 300gr Tub